How to donate to Israel?

Here are a few suggested weblinks to sites where you can consider donating to Israeli charities.

This website does not solicit for or accept any donations nor does it receive any financial benefits of any kind by forwarding you to one of the below sites.  This website is created solely to help Israeli causes by informing the public of ways to contribute to Israel.   
While we hope to have reliable weblinks, we cannot fully validate the authenticity of all the below sites and as such ask you to wisely review each one before donating.

Some featured Israeli charities:

·         Friends of the IDF - Make the lives of IDF soldiers easier by giving much needed "small comforts"
in a time of crisis.

·         Magen David Adom - Israel's primary ambulance and emergency medical service.

·         Zaka - Voluntary humanitarian rescue, life saving and recovery organization, responding to
incidents of terrorism, accidents or disasters.

·         United Jewish Communities - Providing emergency humanitarian and relocation relief to vulnerable

·         A Package From Home - Send care packages to IDF soldiers.

·         Israel Free Loan Association - Providing interest free loans to small businesses to keep them
afloat during the current crisis.

·         One Family Fund - Providing assistance to terror victims and residents of Israel's northern
communities under attack.

·         Jewish National Fund - Raising funds to send Israeli children from the North to summer camps in
central Israel, build security roads along the border with Gaza and purchase
emergency response equipment.

·         WIZO - Providing shelter and basic needs for those Israelis fleeing missile attacks in the north. -

American Friends of Magen David Adom   -  ambulance and emergency personnel

American Jewish Committee

Other ways to contribute to Israeli causes :

Buy Israel Bonds:

Call the US President's Hotline to encourage the President to support Israel:
President's Hot Line (202) 456-1111
This line is open Monday through Friday from 9 to 5.  
It seems that the President has received a lot of messages that criticize him
for supporting Israel.  Call daily.
Give whatever reasons you wish (we must eliminate terrorists, support Israel to
foster a democratic and safe world, etc)

Support the Israeli Embassy and the Israeli Mission to the UN

Forward this link and these messages to as many people as you can.

Israel  Donations
How to donate to Israeli Charities ?
Israel  Donations
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